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Skyn Stories by Dr Meenu Sethi

At the Skyn Stories, we are constantly working and making advances in the field of research and development. We are constantly improving our technology and procedures to provide the best care to our patients. Our team of experts works hard so that you get the best possible treatment at the best price.


We, at the Skyn Stories, have a vision of helping people get their best look and showcase their best look to the world. This not only helps them boost their confidence but also allows them to lead a happy, healthy life. We also believe in providing preventative measures to our patients so that issues can be avoided in the future.


At Skyn Stories, we promise to deliver the best using our top-of-the-class services and facilities. We are known to provide excellent results to our patients. All you need to do is to call us and make an appointment and we will take care of the rest.


At Skyn Stories, we assure you of the best services and facilities as well as of excellent results. All you have to do is simply walk in and consult one of our experts regarding your problem. We will take care of the rest!

Anu-Dr Meenu Sethi Testimonial

I have been visiting Dr Meenu Sethi Since three years. She has build that confidence in me by making my skin look so radiant and nice . I have stopped doing facials. Highly recommend her.



Visited Dr Meenu Sethi for hair treatment. I was skeptical about it. But it was done so smoothly and i am loving the natural look. Highly recommended.

Rishab-Dr Meenu Sethi Testimonial


20 min
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Your skincare routine today will affect your healthy and beautiful skin even 20 years from now. From centuries, women have tried different home-remedies, skincare routine and surgical procedures to become the best version of them. At the Skyn Stories, we help you achieve that goal.


We offer the most comfortable, successful, effective, and affordable hair and skin care treatments. We have an army of experts that provide the best treatment to our patients and help them restore their glow and youth.


Here are the reasons why you need to take proper care of your Skin and Hair:

  • It takes time

You cannot get beautiful skin and hair overnight without surgical procedures. If you are just following a skincare or hair care routine, it might take you months to get the desired results. However, if you get professional help, this time will be significantly reduced and you will have glowing and healthy skin & strong and shining hair in no time.

  • Everyone is different

The condition of our skin and hair not only depends on the type of skin and hair we have but also on the DNA. Therefore, not every routine might suit you. Visiting a proper dermatologist will help you figure out what will suit you the best.


  • New skin and hair

The outermost layer of the skin always changes. Similarly, your hair will start to grow. This means that a routine that you have today that makes you look healthy and vibrant can make you look tired and dull after some time. You need to get proper suggestions from a dermatologist to maintain your healthy and radiant look.


  • Prevention is easier and cheaper

Although we provide affordable treatment options to our patients, prevention will still always be cheaper than treatment. If you visit your dermatologist regularly, you will be able to better fight off deep wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc. Preventing these from occurring will help you save a lot of money in the long run.


  • It boosts your confidence

Your face and hair is an important part of the body and it makes you feel good about yourself. Bad hair or bad skin is definitely bound to ruin your day. Great hair and skin can change a lot about your appearance.