Anti-Pollution Facial Treatment In Gurgaon

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In today’s world, try as we may, it is impossible to avoid air pollution. The number of vehicles, the increase in the number of factories and pollution levels in the environment eventually affects the health and this reflects on our skin.  The effects of pollution on our skin have shown adverse reactions. Some of the problems caused by pollution on our skin are:

  • Depletion of ozone causes a reduction in vitamin E levels, speeding up the process of ageing

  • An increase in pollution causes a reduction in Ph levels of our skin. This imbalance can change the skin’s natural levels and increase irregularities on the surface of the skin.

  • Sebum production increases when there are increased levels of pollution, leading to more acne.

  • Squalene and vitamin E are depleted in highly polluted areas, which makes skin dull and dry.


Anti Pollution Facials:

These are facials specially formulated so that the effects of pollution can be rectified and further damage can be prevented. The agents that are used for an anti-pollution facial are specifically selected, keeping in mind their effects, which are to combat the harmful effects of the dust and grime in the atmosphere.


At Skyn Stories, these facials are formulated based on each person’s problems and deficiencies. They are designed to protect the skin and rejuvenate them from the harmful surrounding environment that we are exposed to.


Some of the features that the Anti-Pollution Facials are required to have are:

  • Gentle cleansing action to remove dust and particulate matter.

  • Antioxidants to combat the negative effects of the hazardous substances in the air.

  • Balances the natural pH of the skin and its natural oils.

  • Increase the protection against pollutants.

  • Act as a good moisturizer

  • Clays and oil-based products which would balance the natural oils without drying out the skin

  • Toner and tonics that can soothe the skin.


Skyn Stories has many specialists working to formulate the best skin facial agents and products that would work for each individual’s skin type. Just like no two skin types are alike, no two treatment options at Skyn Stories are alike.