Brow Therapy Treatment In Gurgaon

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Eyebrows form an essential part of our face and go a long way in actually giving the perfect look. These days, women are just out there craving for the perfect dramatic brows. Well, for those of you who don’t have one, do not lose heart because there are a number of ways for that dream of yours to come true. Making perfect eyebrows forms a very worrisome part of the daily routine and being able to match the brows is an achievement in itself.


There are a number of techniques to achieving the perfect eyebrows including waxing, threading, and tattooing. Well, microblading is just a new technique around the corner to help you get what you really desire. Microblading is not like tattooing but it has more to do with the surface of the skin rather than the deep layer of the skin. It is not permanent and is likely to fade away in about 18 months. The answers to common doubts related to microblading are as


  • Not many people turn out to be allergic to the pigments used in microblading. However, before you go ahead with the treatment, just for safety purpose, it is advisable to first apply it on a small patch of the skin and observe the after-effects if there are any,

  • The clients can bring in pictures of the shape, size and color of the eyebrows that they desire. However, whether or not it is suitable will be decided by us at Skyn Stories clinic.

  • The microblading lasts for as many as 18 months. However, this time too is not fixed and can vary depending on your skin type. People will oily skin can make it last for 12 months while the ones with normal skin can have it until 18 months.

If you too are willing to go in for brow therapy, it is advisable to book an appointment with Skyn Stories. Once you come in, we will examine your skin type and the type of eyebrow you want vs the one which suits you. Our experienced professionals will definitely make you feel comfortable and help you achieve the beautiful brows you have always wanted. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Skyn Stories today!