Cellulite And Loose Skin Treatment In Gurgaon

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Ever wanted to get rid of those dimpled fatty skin on your thighs? This is called cellulite. A huge majority of people face this problem and for those who are extremely conscious, it could be quite embarrassing. Cellulite has this stubborn quality of not disappearing easily despite regular and consistent hard efforts. Cellulite is nothing but fat deposits that are caught between bundles of connective tissue.


Loose Skin is a common problem for many people who have rapidly lost weight or women who have just given birth. The unsupported flabby excess skin can reduce one’s self-confidence greatly.


At Skyn Stories, we take into consideration what the patient wants and we make sure that when they leave, they are comfortable in their skin. With our latest technologies, you can be assured to see the results.


How to treat Cellulite and Loose Skin?

  • Acoustic Wave Therapy - This is a type of treatment where sound, pressure or shockwaves are applied. This reduces the appearance of cellulite but requires a couple of sittings before the result is visible. This procedure also prevents sagging and loosening of skin.

  • Laser Treatment - There are many forms of laser therapy available. They all work in a similar mechanism. The laser fiber is inserted beneath the skin so that it breaks the bands of skin which causes the cellulite appearance. It also thickens the skin which will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • Subcision - The dermatologist will pass a needle just beneath your skin to break the bands of fat and connective tissue which is causing the dimpled effect on the skin.

  • Body Lift Surgery - This is a type of plastic surgery wherein the excess and loose skin are removed off. The patient ends up with a soft and shaped body without the excess flabby skin.

  • Tummy Tuck - This is another surgical procedure where the surgeon places an incision around the navel, from hipbone to hipbone. The skin and muscles are manipulated so that the body looks supple and toned as per the patient’s wish. Sometimes, to match the new body frame, a new belly button may also be sculpted.

Skyn Stories listen to the patient’s concerns and try to modify the body in the most natural way, allowing them to gain their confidence and flaunt the body that they want.