Dark And Thin Lips Treatment In Gurgaon

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Lips as we all know play a major part in shaping the face of an individual. People with beautiful pink lips of the appropriate size appear stunning. Smile characterizes the beauty of a person which in turn is determined by their lips. A lot of people suffer from certain anomalies in their lips as a result of which they remain conscious of their appearance.


What Causes Dark Lips?

The skin that covers the lips is far thinner as compared to the skin which covers the rest of the body. The lips get the rosy touch from the underlying tissues and the amount of melanin produced. However, there have been instances where people have complained about having dark lips which is very much possible. Dark lips result from a number of reasons being an increased caffeine intake in the body, getting tanned in the sun, smoking, hormonal imbalances, and using cosmetic products of low grade. Dark-colored lips also result from a number of skin disorders and allergies such as jaundice, anemia, cyanosis, dermatitis, and a high amount of stress. Another factor that contributes to dark-colored lips is exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays.



In addition to having dark lips, there have been incidents of having thin lips which again takes away the charm from the personality. Thin lips are usually experienced as part of the ageing process when the gums and bones reduce in size thereby making the upper lip drop and move inwards thereby making it look thinner. As a result of small lips, the other features of the face can also appear to be enlarged in size since the shape of the lips does alter the shape of the face in numerous ways.



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