Earlobe Surgery Treatment In Gurgaon

Earlobe Surgery.jpg

Earlobes are an important part of how you look. While looking into the mirror, we hardly bother to notice the earlobe, but when something’s amiss with the ears. It makes our face look disproportionate and awkward.

Earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure to treat earlobe irregularities. This could include torn earlobes, stretched lobes, uneven lobes and even cleft lobes or split lobes. Skyn Stories specializes in dealing with the evenness and gives a natural appearance to the patient, giving them the confidence of perfection.

Common causes of Split Earlobe is:

  • Injury.

  • Wearing heavy earrings.

It leads to an unsightly uneven look to the Earlobes. 

It can be repaired by dermatosurgery which involve:

  • The Earlobe hole is a surgical cut, open till the base under local anesthesia with strict asepsis.

  • It is sutured from the front and back, and stitch removal is done after 10 days.


Post Surgical Procedure:

  • Dressing to be changed every alternate day.

  • Antibiotics topical is to be applied twice a day.

  • It is advisable not to wet the area for 1 week- 10 days.

  • The patient can get repiercing done 1cm away from the sutured area after 1month.

At Skyn Stories, one can see results of reshaping and resizing instantaneously. Most patients are very satisfied and surprised at the speed at which results can be seen.