Eczema Treatment In Gurgaon


Eczema is a medical condition in which the patient has uncontrollably itchy skin at certain times and certain parts of the skin. In such conditions, the skin becomes red and swollen and highly irritable. It is a chronic condition that may show acute flare-ups. In medical terms, this condition is called atopic dermatitis.

There is no cure as such for atopic dermatitis but the treatment options and remedial care aims at reducing the physical symptoms. Skyn Stories does exactly that. They reduce the intensity of itching and burning and thereby effectively manage the redness and swelling.


How to manage Eczema?

In most cases, where the condition is mild, the doctor recommends keeping the region moisturized. In case this proves to be insufficient, the patient may opt for other alternatives.


Creams and Ointments: The patient is given topical application creams that are made of corticosteroids. Some creams like tacrolimus are also used to control the itchiness. This is done through wet dressings. The patient may be given antibiotic creams as well. A new injectable biologic substance has been discovered which claims to reduce the inflammation and itchiness.


Phototherapy: This is a type of treatment where the site affected is subjected to intense light (UV A or UV B). This will reduce the burning sensation and reduce swelling.  The specialists at Skyn Stories know what’s the best mode of treatment for you and pick the treatment course according to that.


Drugs: Medicines are usually given so that the itchiness is reduced. Doctors will usually prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infections. In some severe cases, the corticosteroid is given orally. Care is taken when this is given orally as the side effects are more aggressive.

Along with these treatment options, the patient is advised to perform some relaxation techniques. This will reduce the amount of itching and scratching and this will significantly reduce the swelling and redness.

The Doctors at Skyn Stories take the utmost care while selecting treatment plans. The entire course of treatment is customized to the needs of the patient.