Excess Hair Treatment In Gurgaon

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Hirsutism is the condition that women suffer from excessive growth of hair. The amount of hair growth is normal for men but not for women on body parts including the upper lip, chest, chin, stomach, and back. Also, the texture of the hair is coarse and it is dark-colored as well. This condition might be caused by the presence of certain hormones, the intake of certain medicines, or genetic in nature.



The condition is often linked to the presence of a number of male hormones known as androgens. When androgens are present at high levels, they can lead to hirsutism and other things including acne, small breasts and a deep voice. Also, the intake of certain medicines such as steroids and rogaine can cause the hormonal levels in the body to change thereby leading to unwanted growth of hair on the body.



This condition persists however, it can definitely be removed with the help of experienced doctors. You can always visit a skin clinic to ensure that you are getting the right treatment done. If you try following the short-term solutions, you might end up harming your skin in the process. It is advisable to get a medical check-up done of your body before you try anything out on your body. Doctors at Skyn Stories are skilled and experienced. The Skyn Stories clinic also provides treatments such as laser treatment to get rid of the body hair permanently. They will also provide you with the right medicines which do have a long-term effect and stop the hair from growing in those places.


What to Expect at the Clinic:

Your doctor might ask you questions such as when the symptoms began to show, whether or not you gained weight, whether you are pregnant, whether the tone of your voice has changed, whether you experience irregular periods, in order to determine the stage you are at and what would be the best method to help you get rid of the condition.


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