Excessive Sweating Treatment In Gurgaon

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We all sweat. We sweat more when the surrounding temperatures are higher, after strenuous exercise and sometimes even in fear. Sweating is the body’s excretion phenomenon that removes the toxins through the skin. But, in some patients, this feature is exaggerated, leading to many embarrassing social situations. Excessive sweating, in medical terms, is called Hyperhidrosis.


Here, at Skyn Stories, we understand the problems that one goes through due to conditions like Hyperhidrosis. We can effectively treat the symptoms and ensure that you once again feel confident in your own skin.


What are the Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis?

  • Maceration - When the skin is wet and wrinkly, it breaks down and this leads to other complications. This is called maceration.

  • Athlete’s foot- This is a condition where the patients develop a fungal infection in between the toes. This is because there is excessive sweating between the toes.

  • Bad Body Odour - Due to continuous and excessive sweating, there is very little duration when the skin is dry. The continuous moisture, there is the increased attraction of bacteria and this leads to a damp smell. Shoes, with sweaty feet, also promote malodor.

  • Bacterial Infections - The increased macerations and sweatiness can lead to infections through skin openings.

  • Social Anxiety - Sweat can give an unhygienic appearance and a bad odour around the person which could make him/her lose confidence.


What are the Treatment Options for Hyperhidrosis?


Medical Treatment Options:

  • Prescription Antiperspirants - The patient is given antiperspirants that contain aluminum chloride which reduces the amount of sweat and malodor.

  • Nerve Block Medications - The patient is given certain drugs that block the nerve signals which cause sweating. This is an effective method but it also causes various side effects like dry mouth and blurred vision.

  • Botox - Botulinum toxin injections are said to block the nerves which cause sweating. The effect of this procedure lasts for about 6months. The treatment needs to be repeated after 12 months.

Surgical Treatment Options:


There are many surgical options for those patients whose medical treatments do not work. Skyn Stories will analyze the patient, the severity of their condition and the progress after treatment and then modify the treatment plan accordingly.

  • Microwave Therapy - Microwave radiations are applied to the sweat glands which will render them ineffective. The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and causes minimal damage to the skin.

  • Removal of the Sweat Glands - If the patient has focal (selective region) hyperhidrosis, then the patient can opt to get the particular sweat gland removed.


At Skyn Stories, we ensure that the patient goes back home with their problem solved. So be assured that your excessive sweating problem will be controlled and you will be back in the society beaming with confidence.