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Here are the exclusive treatment options available at Skyn Stories:

1. Body Contouring

When we lose weight drastically, a lot of loose skin can be found around the affected areas. This is because the body is not able to quickly adapt to the new shape and form of the tissues and muscles, this results in a very unappealing and unhealthy look.

Body contouring is a procedure in which all this extra, loose skin is removed from the body giving it a smooth contour with more aesthetic. At the Skyn Stories, the condition of the skin is analyzed and then, the perfect treatment is recommended. The procedures that fall under the body contouring are:

  1. Breast Lift

  2. Face Lift

  3. Arm Lift

  4. Medial Thigh Lift

  5. Tummy Tuck


During the procedure, first general anesthesia is administered to reduce the discomfort during the procedure. Next, large incisions are made in large quantities at places where they are not visible but provide maximum aesthetics.  Next, the sagging skin is removed and a sequence of tucks and incisions are made to make the connective tissue tighter and firmer. After the surgery, the dressings are changed regularly.


2. Earlobe Surgery Treatment

Earlobes are a very distinct part of your body. If something is wrong with the earlobes, it makes the whole face look awkward and disproportionate. Earlobe surgery can correct all the defects related to the external ears like uneven lobes, stretched lobes, split lobes, cleft lobes, or torn lobes. We, at SKyn Stories, specialize in giving a natural earlobe appearance to our patient.

Loboplasty is the procedure carried out to correct the shape and size of the earlobe. It gives the earlobes a more pleasant appearance. During the procedure, not only the lobes are reshaped and resized, but the sagging and tears are also corrected, giving it a more natural look.

During the surgery, the patient is giving local anesthesia. To correct tears, sutures are placed. Excess skin is removed from the earlobes by placing the incisions to get rid of thick and enlarged earlobes. Once the complete reconstruction process is done, sutures are placed. After the surgery, the dressing of the wound is done which is changed periodically.


3. Brow Therapy Treatment


Eyebrows play an important role in giving a person the perfect look. Women crave for the perfect eyebrows and try different methods to get one. It is a worrisome part of the routine and getting both eyebrows to match is a whole another task. Procedures like threading, waxing, and tattooing can help you achieve the perfect eyebrow. Another such technique, that is more permanent, is the Microblading procedure. It fades away in about 18 months and affects the surface of the skin.

However, before you go for the treatment, you need to ensure that you are not allergic to the pigments used in the microblading procedure. You can get eyebrows of any size, shape, and color that you desire.


4. Perfect Pout Treatment

Collagen makes our body look youthful. Without it, the skin will begin to lose its elasticity and start sagging. Lips are the most affected by this reduced rate of collagen production. They become thin over the years and wrinkles and lines start to appear on them.

A perfect pout will increase the size of your lips and enhance your personality. People with thin lips can definitely benefit from this procedure. All you need to do is to book an appointment with the dermatologist and discuss the treatment.

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