Facial Treatments In Gurgaon

Carbon Facial

Get Rid Of Oily Skin, Dull Skin, Enlarged Pores or Blackheads

Hydra Facial

Reinvent Your Skin

Pumpkin Facial

Flawless Skin Is What You Need Today!

Hydrogen Facial

Glowing Skin Is Always In!

Anti-Pollution Facial

Save Your Skin From Pollution

Anti-Sunburn Facial

Get Ready for Summers By Anti-Sunburn Facial!

Our Skin, just like us, needs to be pampered from time to time. It needs an abundance of nutrients, care, and moisture to thrive and look its best. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is easy for our skin to look lackluster and dull. This could be due to many things, right from pollution to stress and even sleeplessness. At

Skyn Stories, we offer a wide range of facials to pamper your skin and make it feel rejuvenated and be its best.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, facial treatments have claimed to be useful in the treatment of conditions ranging from acne to sagging skin. Some of them have stood up to what was promised while others are simply a waste of time and money. Depending on your skin type and the need of the individual, different facial treatments can be used to improve the look of the facial skin.


1. Anti-Pollution Facial treatment


Pollution has started to affect all the aspects of our life. Dirty air has become the “New Tobacco” and as we inhale all these tiny particles of gases, we also sink them into our dermis. They play with your healthy skin cells taking away the firmness of the skin. This results in sagging skin. 

The anti-pollution facials are created to rectify the damages done by the pollution. At the Skyn Stories, all the agents used in the anti-pollution facial are selected n the bases of an individual’s skin and their effects in combating the dust in the atmosphere. The facial will rejuvenate your skin from the harmful, polluted environment that you live in.


2. Hydrogen Facial Treatment


Hydrogen is an anti-oxidant that protects the skin. It makes the skin look finer by reducing the free radicals from the skin. The radicals are responsible for damaging the skin cells resulting in lack of energy and DNA damage. They also allow restricting the flow of essential nutrients into the body. Also, since the only by-product left after the neutralization of the free radical is water, Hydrogen is not toxic at all.


 This tiny molecule can do wonders for your skin. There are so many benefits of a Hydrogen facial that not trying it would be missing a big opportunity to rejuvenating your skin. At the Skyn stories, we have the best dermatologists who will study your skin type and issues and decide whether the facial suit you or not.

3. Pumpkin Facial

Pumpkin has a number of properties that add glow to your skin. As you approach the autumn season, your skin starts to get rough and dry. You need not worry, as pumpkin facial treatment will help you get back that glow. The alpha hydroxyl acids and fruit enzymes present in pumpkin smoothen and brighten the skin. Also, the vitamins present in pumpkin boosts the collagen production level in the body that softens and soothes the skin and prevents aging.

Pumpkin facial can do wonders for your skin. It has a nice aroma that adds to the whole spa treatment. Also, it is a great way to deal with sun damage. At the Skyn Stories, we offer pumpkin facial at an affordable cost. You are definitely going to appreciate the glow and services that will be offered to you at Skyn Stories.


4. Hydra facial treatment

It is a new form of non-laser treatment to resurface the skin. The whole process includes extraction, cleaning, anti-oxidant, exfoliation, and protection. It helps you get beautiful and clearer skin. This facial treatment can be used to improving large pores, acne-, brown-spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Another major advantage of going through this treatment is that it works for all skin types like dry, aging, thin, or oily skin.

This facial will restore the glow on your skin. It takes about 45 minutes to complete, during which you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Usually, a monthly appointment for a hydra facial treatment will give you a vibrant glow.


5. Carbon facial treatment

This facial is very useful for people with blackheads, enlarged pores, oily skin, and dull skin. It makes the skin look soft, smooth, and firm giving it a never-before fresh look. In this facial, a layer of carbon is applied to the skin which absorbs the oil and dirt present in the pores of the skin. All the dead skin cells and blackheads are removed giving the skin a proper rejuvenation.

This facial can be done once every 4 weeks. This gives the skin a sufficient amount of time for collagen production. Book an appointment at the Skyn Stories and give your skin the glow it deserves.

What do Clinical Facials Help In?


Clinical facials are those which make use of specific agents which are available only in clinical agencies. They are performed under the supervision of medical professionals. They help in treating conditions like age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and even rough skin texture.

At Skyn Stories, We make sure that we understand your skin before we treat you. We listen to your problems and complaints and plan a treatment that suits your needs. Book Appointment for Dermatologist for all types of Skin Treatment in Gurgaon, Faridabad & Delhi