Freckles and Birthmarks Treatment In Gurgaon

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Also known as ephelides, freckles are tiny colored spots which when exposed to the sun, increase in size. They usually appear either on the face, arms, shoulders, neck, back or hands. The most common reason behind freckles is that they might be present on the body due to genes and usually show up during adolescence or childhood. Freckles are produced as a result of an anomaly in the production of melanin in the body which also gives color to our skin. Freckles are usually brown and flat spots around the nose and cheeks. When your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays, in order to protect it from the rays, the body starts producing extra melanin as a defense mechanism thereby leading to the development of freckles. People having light-colored skin are more prone to the development of acne when exposed to the sun. Freckles can either appear like a tan or like small freckle patches present on the skin.



On the other hand, birthmarks are what one has right from birth or develop later in life. Birthmarks are of numerous kinds, shapes and sizes and are amongst the most common discolorations of the skin. Birthmarks can further be subdivided into strawberry marks, moles, port wine stains, café au lait spots, and hemangiomas. Some of the most common issues as a result of which birthmarks surface up include pigmentation and the abnormality in blood vessels. Birthmarks can often come in the form of different colors including blue, white, brown, tan, pink, red, purple, etc. In addition to this, some birthmarks appear on the skin and stay permanently, while others might disappear with time. Some of them are flesh-colored and thereby not visible while the others are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. However, these birthmarks are usually not harmful to the body.



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