Hair Fall Treatment In Gurgaon

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The fact that a good hair day makes one feel so much is not unknown. Whatever be the length of the hair, the hair will appear and feel good only with constant care and proper treatment. It can be very tempting to try the different kinds of hairstyles but the fact that one needs to give the right kind of nourishment to the hair needs to be adhered to as well. Your hair goes through so much with you every single day and needs to be paid close attention to. A healthy diet with a mix of protein and other nutrients in the right amount goes a long way in ensuring that your hair looks healthy. If your hair has been giving you problems lately then, it is important that you first try to understand the root cause behind the problem such that proper treatment can be taken.


There are a number of factors that can lead to the problem of Hair Fall/Loss in Men and Women.




In Women:

Hair loss in women can occur as a result of a number of factors including genes, hormonal imbalance, high amount of the hormone androgen in the body, and changes caused by menopause.


In Men:

On the other hand, hair fall in men can be seen as a result of DHT i.e. DHT in the hair follicles present on the scalp. DHT reacts with the hair follicles thereby causing baldness in the area.


If you have been experiencing hair fall lately, then, instead of sitting back and analyzing its causes, it is recommended that you fix up an appointment at Skyn Stories skin clinic and get a check-up done. Hair loss could actually be caused due to a number of reasons such as lack of vitamins, pollution, stress, heredity, illness, or hormonal imbalance. The best way to find the root cause is by visiting a dermatologist.

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