Hydrogen Facial Treatment In Gurgaon

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Not many people are aware of this but Hydrogen is actually antioxidant and very beneficial for the skin. It not only helps to refresh the internal organs, but it also protects your skin by acting as an antioxidant. Antioxidants help in reducing the free radicals from the skin thereby making the skin appear fine. Fine radicals damage the skin cells thereby leading to DNA damage and lack of energy. They also restrict the essential nutrients from entering into the body and getting the waste by-product out of the body.


Why is Hydrogen the Best Antioxidant?


There are a number of reasons which can be attributed in proving that hydrogen is in fact a good antioxidant including-


1. Hydrogen has a microscopic size which makes it an effective antioxidant. This is because of its size, hydrogen is able to penetrate inside the tissue of the body.

2. Hydrogen is not toxic at all. In fact, when hydrogen neutralizes free radicals, the only by-product that is left is water. In addition to this, when vitamin C neutralizes the free radical it will turn it into a much less active free radical known as ascorbyl.

3. Hydrogen does not disturb the natural balance of the body. It keeps the oxidative stress levels low which are ideal for protecting our tissues.

4. Hydrogen also boosts the natural built-in antioxidant system in our body.

5. Antioxidants go a long way in reducing inflammation in the body. Hydrogen being an antioxidant also reduces the inflammation and protects the skin.

Nobody knew that such a tiny molecule actually contains so many healing properties that can go a long way in protecting our skin. Knowing so many benefits of hydrogen facial, It is imperative for you to try it out such that you can actually enjoy the benefits. Skyn Stories offers a number of packages and the professionals here can actually study your skin and suggest whether it will suit you or not. Book an appointment at Skyn Stories today and enjoy a wonderful skin going forward.