How to Hide Pigmentation and Scars

Pigmentation & Scars Tips, Remedies and Treatment | Dr Meenu Sethi
Pigmentation & Scars Tips, Remedies and Treatment | Dr Meenu Sethi

Melanin is the natural pigment responsible for the color of our skin, hair, and eyes. When the amount of melanin in our skin increases due to sun damage, skin conditions or an injury, it is known as hyperpigmentation. It may not be dangerous, but it makes your skin look uneven, even if you have a healthy skin. To cover up those pesky scars and pigmentation, you need the right products and the right technique. Besides, a little faux cover up won't hurt anyone!

Difference between hyperpigmentation and scars.

When the pimples are popped or poked, inflammation on the skin's surface is increased and this would appear on the skin as pigmentation. For light-skinned people, it appears as a small purple or red colored mark, whereas for those with darker skin may experience brown-toned macules.

When a blemish is picked on, acne scars develop. If you've got a case of cystic acne, your skin would remain inflamed consistently and this can lead to acne scars, which often appear as deep indentations on the skin. As compared to acne scars, pigmentation doesn't demand any targeted treatment. It can be solved with the help of topical products and these tend to fade away with time. Let's take a look at these tips on how to hide pigmentation and scars.

1. Try to prevent these skin issues

Hyperpigmentation can occur due to a lot of reasons, so you need to take care right from the start. Don't sit around waiting for it to happen and then take an action. The solution for it would be sunscreen - your knight in shining armor! Do not step out without applying sunscreen.

2. Use a concealer

An inexpensive way to cover up pigmentation and scars, concealer is go-to! You might have to experiment with a few concealers before picking out the right one for your scars or pigmentation and the one that suits your skin. Nowadays, there are two-in-one products available that you can apply as a full-coverage foundation and it'll double up as a concealer too! This might help camouflage scars as well as pigmentation even better.

When using foundation, check whether your skin's got a lot of problematic spots or not. If it hasn't, you can opt for a foundation that gives a natural looking light coverage. You can use the high coverage, providing product on problem areas, though.

3. Bleaching

Skin bleaching creams often sound scary, but these might be useful in covering up pigmentation or at least, lighten it. If the pigmentation on your skin is new, bleaching cream can help fade away the spots and make them much less prominent.

4. Color correctors

With the help of color correcting concealers and primers, you can neutralize the spot or pigmented area. Most color correcting concealer palettes come with color wheels and you may feel weird while applying colored concealer or primer, but these work even better than the ones that are flesh-toned. An orange tinted corrector and concealer would be a good option for us in India.

5. Rosehip oil

Known to increase skin's elasticity, Rosehip oil helps improve the overall texture of the skin and so, it's a natural way of fading scars, pigmentation and dark spots. It doesn't cause the skin to peel or make it sensitive to the skin so it could be your go-to natural oil!

6. Spot treatment

There are a lot of spot-treating products available in the market nowadays. You can integrate these products into your daily skin care routine and let them work their way in treating scars and pigmentation, while you get your beauty sleep.

7. Mask

Masks are comparatively inexpensive ways to cover pigmentation. These can be made at home with readily available ingredients and are great at skin-lightening too.

A few other tips to follow are-

- Before choosing any products, make sure that they match and suit the tone of your skin.

- For daily coverage, you can use BB or cc creams.

- The eye area is delicate and it needs to be hydrated constantly.

- When concealer has been applied, make sure that you set it with a powder to get rid of a cakey, made-up look.

Following these tips will make it easier for you to get rid of scars and pigmentation.

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