Skin Care Tips for the Travel Enthusiasts

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Skin Care Tips (Skyn Stories by Dr Meenu Sethi)
Skin Care Tips (Skyn Stories by Dr Meenu Sethi)

With the Christmas and New Year just around the corner, most of us have already made travel plans. But somehow, our skin doesn’t seem to enjoy the vacation much!! Ever wondered why you looked so dull in your last trip photos? At home, you know the climate and what your skin actually needs. But traveling usually means compromising with your skin care routine. Your travel plans may interrupt your usual diet, and you often undergo a lot of stress while dealing with flights or bargain hunting. You may also have to cut back on your favorite products as you have to pack economically and skin may also have to adjust to different temperature, levels of sunlight and humidity levels. No wonder your skin may struggle considering these factors and you have to lodge it by marginally changing your skin care routine. Here are some tips for your next vacation-

Apply sunscreen- You are closer to the sun’s harmful rays when flying at high altitude, especially if you are in the window seat. Apply a sunscreen of SPF 40 or more and reapply it if your flight is longer than two hours. Stay inside the hotel during the peak hours of the day and wear loose cotton clothes.

Stay Hydrated - Dehydration is the most common problem while traveling. The cabin air is excessively dry as the air at such altitude has very little moisture. Every person on the plane breathes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. So, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Diet - Avoid too much sugary food as it breaks down the collagen and elastin over time, which can make your skin dull. Consume lots of cabbage, zucchinis, lettuce, oranges, cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, green peppers, tomatoes, radishes, celery, pineapple, watermelon, and cucumbers.

Apply Ice Under The Eyes - Under-eye circles are the most common issue of many travelers. Many people develop them on the long flights itself. Ask the attendant for some crushed ice and a towel if you find you have already developed them while on the plane. Use it as an ice pack under your eyes and do this two or three times. Remember to apply an eye cream repetitively to offset eye dryness and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Exfoliate The First Night - Your skin is likely resounding environmental elements on the surface when you reach your final destination. Remember to make skin care a high priority, exfoliate to remove dead and dull skin. It removes the top layer of dead and damaged cells, which allows better captivation of collagen and helps release the natural skin oils.

Moisturize - Increase hydration in your skin by applying intense moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. Do carry a small size moisturizer and apply every few hours if you have a long haul flight. Use a moisturizer that contains lipids, which provide elasticity and protect against water loss. Along with a moisturizer, you will undeniably need to pack an eye cream, a lip balm and a face lotion to combat the dry air in the plane.

Avoid Touching Your Face - While traveling, we come in contact with a lot of germs, especially in public spaces or on planes. We are transferring those germs into the skin whenever we touch our faces, where they hang around to create pimples. Use an oil blotter or tissues as a shield between your hands and your skin if you must touch your face.

Use Blotting Cloth - Oil-blotting paper works better than any regular tissue on your skin and help reduce oil. So, don’t forget to bring some blotting clothes if you have oily skin and dab the T-zone as much as possible.

Apply Less Makeup - Use as little makeup as possible as makeup can settle into pores. Avoid any kind of powders or foundation as it will further contribute to the drying of the skin while on an airplane. Apply some primer if you have to apply makeup, it puts a layer of protection between your skin and makeup.

Avoid Carrying Any Irritating Products - Keep products limited while traveling- a gentle cleanser, regular moisturizer, and a serum. Your skin is going to be under lots of stress while traveling, so avoid carrying any irritating products including resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, hydroxy acids, and harsh cleansers etc.

Travelling doesn’t have to ruin your skin!! Follow these tips and your skin will thank you.

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