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Tattoo Removal Treatment in Gurgaon (Skny Stories By Dr. Meenu Sethi)
Tattoo Removal Treatment in Gurgaon (Skny Stories By Dr. Meenu Sethi)

Tattoos are a mark on the skin that is meant to be permanent. Sometimes, it so happens that we end up regretting the tattoo we got. Maybe we outgrew the childish pattern or maybe it was a drunk decision which is now regretful. Maybe our skin has stretched in a way that has distorted the tattoo. In current advances, it is possible to undo something that was once considered as permanent. At Skyn Stories, We cater to the removal of tattoo in a manner that is least painful and most effective for the person.

How does Tattoo Removal Work?

The region of the tattoo is treated so that the ink is dissipated into many fragments without causing too much damage to the cells around. These ink fragments are then carried out of the body through the body’s own immune system.

Laser Removal:

This is one of the most popular means of tattoo removal. In this method, a popular type of laser called the q-switched lasers are used. They release a powerful pulse of radiation which significantly lightens the tattoo ink without significantly affecting the surrounding skin. The laser as such releases a lot of heat and anaesthetic solution can be applied on the skin to avoid pain due to this heat. Post-treatment, the patient may be required to apply antibacterial ointment so that there is no risk of infections. The specialists at Skyn Stories are well aware of the possible risks and do their level best to prevent infections and increased inflammation.


This is a less preferred technique where the skin is frozen at extremely low temperatures and the tattooed skin is then removed using surgical abrasives. This might lead to increased irritation of the skin and hence is not a preferred method.

Surgical Removal:

In this process, the doctors surgically remove the tattooed area. This procedure is only suitable for small tattoos as the procedure will leave behind scars and larger areas are difficult to surgically operate on.

Skyn Stories will make you feel right at home, and provide you with the best advice on what will suit the need with maximum aesthetic value.

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