Tips to Lighten Dark Elbows and Knees

5 Tips to lighten dark elbows and knees by Dr Meenu Sethi
5 Tips to lighten dark elbows and knees by Dr Meenu Sethi

Do you have dark knees and elbows? Have you been trying to lighten these discoloured areas? That entire attempt trying to scrub of the dark spots with soap will give you no avail and alas, you won’t be able to wear your favourite sleeveless top or shorts or skirts. The rough, darkened skin on knees and elbow is a common problem. The main reason behind this dark skin is the presence of dead skin cells created due to pressure or friction in the knees or elbows. The skin on the elbow is naturally thick and thus more prone to moisture loss than any other part of the skin. To top it off, the continuous wear and tear by leaning over the elbows or kneeling down can make the skin more rough and coarse. Doing so can prevent the proper flow of blood, hence making them darker.

There are many natural remedies that can lighten your dark knees and elbows. Words of caution, if you are allergic to any ingredient, don’t use it. Follow these home remedies to lighten elbows and knees:

• Lemon

Lemon is an antioxidant. In addition to this, it has bleaching and exfoliating properties that help us to get rid of dead cells from the skin. It also increases healthy cell reproduction. Take a lemon and cut it into two. Squeeze a little juice from both the halves. Scrub each half onto your knees and elbows for about 15 minutes. Keep the treated area away from sunlight. Do not put water on the cleansed area. Apply some petroleum jelly to moisturize the area. Repeat this process daily for a few weeks and you will have smoother and softer knees and elbows.

• Besan or Gram Flour

Besan is a natural skin exfoliating and cleansing agent as well as lighten your skin texture too. Add 2 tbsp of tomato juice to 3 tsp of Besan Powder and make a paste. Keep it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Apply the cold mixture on the affected area and then gently remove the pack by washing it off with cold water. It removes the rough dead skin cells. Tomato is a great natural bleaching agent and works great in lightening the skin tone. You can also mix some milk and besan and apply it to your knees and elbows. Wash it off after 20 minutes. This will help lighten your elbows and knees.

• Baking soda and milk

Baking soda has been long used as an Exfoliator and a skin brightener. Take some baking soda and add milk to it to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your knees and elbows and massage them in a circular motion. Repeat this every day until you notice results.

• Olive oil and sugar

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, natural fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. It is perfect for sensitive skin. Add 1 tsp of sugar to 1 tbsp of olive oil and form a scrubbing paste. Rub this scrubbing paste on your dark knees and elbows every day for a few minutes before taking a bath.

• Lemon juice, olive oil, and salt

The lemon juice is acidic in nature. It eliminates the dead skin and uncovers the new, lighter skin from underneath. It is also a mild bleaching agent. Salt has a grainy property that works as a gentle exfoliating agent and removes dead skin cells. The olive oil provides necessary moisture to the skin. Take 2 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil and ½ cup of salt to the juice. Rub the paste on your elbows and knees for 10 to 15 minutes every day for a few weeks to get significant results.

You can also add some coconut oil in lemon juice to get rid of your dark elbows and knees.

If lemon stings your affected area unbearably, it means that your skin is dry. Try applying some petroleum jelly before you use the lemon.

Some prevention tips for dark elbows and knees:

• Avoid leaning on the elbows or kneeling down

• Always apply sunscreen lotion

• Consume Vitamin A rich diet

• Apply moisturizer frequently

• Scrub your skin regularly

• Drink 7-8 glasses of water every day

• Use pumice stone once in a while to get rid of dead skin

If none of the above-mentioned remedies work for you, you can try a skin bleaching lotion to get rid of your dark knees and elbows. After you have used an ingredient to scrub your elbows and knees and exfoliate them, do not forget to moisturize the area with some moisturizer like coconut oil, Vaseline or petroleum jelly. And if you still see little to no improvement, it’s time to consult your dermatologist.