Sagging And Aging Treatment In Gurgaon

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Ageing is characterized by sagging skin. Have you ever sat in front of the mirror and held the skin of your face back? Well, that is what we call sagging skin. Sagging skin results from the loss of elasticity as the amount of collagen reduces and the elastic almost vanishes. One gets sagging skin on the onset of ageing.


Ageing is caused due to the harm that the free radicals cause to the cells. These free radicals can either be produced from internal sources or external sources.


-> Internal: The production of free radicals is internal when your own body makes them while producing energy. However, it cannot be associated directly with the external factors.

-> External: The outside agents such as exposure to the sun and the environment turn out to be harmful to the skin and causes premature ageing as well as skin cancer. It has also been noted that about 85% of the damage to the skin is caused by external factors.


Collagen forms a significant part of the skin as it provides tensile strength and elasticity to the skin. However, when the process of ageing begins, the amount of collagen reduces as a result of which the elasticity and strength of the skin reduce. Also, as one grows older, new skin cell production reduces as the dead skin does not shed quickly. This is a natural process and eventually everyone gets sagging skin.


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