Skin Pigmentation And Tanning Treatment in Gurgaon

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When we are out in the sun for too long, our skin becomes pigmented. It turns darker and may even develop pigmented spots. This is called. Tanning. This occurs due to UVA and UVB rays. They darken and even burn the skin making them damaged.


Tanned and Pigmented Skin is a sign of unhealthy skin. It makes your skin appear dull and aged, as the skin cells are damaged. This tanned skin eventually gets replaced with healthy skin, but in many individuals, it takes a long time. Skyn Stories helps you to rejuvenate your skin and regain the glow in your face.


What are some of the Treatment Options for Tanned and Pigmented Skin?

  • Laser Treatment - Removal of tan and pigmentation is easier than ever with the development of laser treatment. The Q-switched Nd YAG laser is used by dermatologists over the skin to correct any spots, marks, and remove tan. It also reduces pore size and tightens the skin. This procedure is an hour long and there are minimal side effects. The dermatologists at Skyn Stories use this procedure carefully over the tanned skin and one can see visible results after the treatment.

  • Chemical Peels - Here at Skyn Stories, the dermatologists analyze the patient’s skin type and select the type of chemical peel to be applied. Chemical peels remove the top layer of cells and rejuvenate the skin, clearing off the unhealthy and non-vital cells. some of the chemical peels that can be used are made of salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid.  

  • Microdermabrasion - This is a process that allows the removal of dead, tanned skin cells from the surface. The abrasive crystals are applied over the skin which causes a suction effect and enables deep cleansing action. This deep exfoliation allows the removal of debris, tan, and also opens clogged pores. This procedure is gentle and causes minimum damage to the skin.

Skyn Stories is focussed on bringing the best in you and only does what’s best for your skin. The specialists focus on the cause and treat the problem at the root. One can see the difference in the before and after conditions almost instantaneously.