Stretch Marks Treatment In Gurgaon



Almost all of us have seen stretch marks and most of us might even have a few on them. So, what are stretch marks? Stretch marks are nothing but scar tissues that occur due to a sudden increase or decrease in weight.  The sudden changes in our body lead to rupture of the cells and scar tissue formation which later forms scars on the skin.


Stretch Marks occur during times of rapid growth or weight loss, like growth spurts, weight loss during puberty or even rapid muscle growth.

When the stretch mark initially occurs, the scar appears blueish red or purple and are itchy and irritable. At Skyn stories, we listen to your concern, examine the condition and finally pick a treatment that best suits the patient.


How to get rid of Stretch Marks?


Like any other scar, it is not possible to completely get rid of stretch marks. The most that can be done is to make it less noticeable.


Some of the treatment plans available at Skyn stories are:

  • Topical Application - Topical application of tretinoin and hyaluronic acid helps in reducing the intensity of stretch marks. It was seen that those who applied retinols like tretinoin and retinol over stretch marks saw them fade and those who didn’t saw them grow.

  • Laser Treatments - Using laser lights, collagen and elastin can be stimulated to grow much faster than also gets rid of the old and dull skin on the surface so that the skin looks youthful and fresh. This will reduce the appearance of the stretch marks and also prevent new ones in that area.

  • Microdermabrasion - This is a technique that removes the superficial skin and reduces skin marks like stretch marks, keloids, burns and acne. This technique does not cause any pain or discomfort and the patient can see immediate results.

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) - This is a method in which the patient’s own platelets are used to stimulate the growth of collagen. PRP contains high amounts of growth hormone which would trigger the growth, giving a glowing, soft appearance to the skin.


The specialists at Skyn Stories concentrate on removing most of the stretch marks with the least damage and harm to the patient.